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2015 New Year Remodeling Resolutions

2015 New Year Remodeling Resolutions


Improving long-term living needs and future home value.

After all the holiday festivities have passed and the ball has dropped to ring in the New Year, many homeowners are inspired to tackle resolutions that relate to their living space. 2015 may be the year you want to remodel your home to allow for the changes occurring in your life. Perhaps you want to build out an office which will allow you to work from home? Maybe 2015 is the year you want to avoid climbing stairs, so moving the master suite to the first floor may be on your resolution list?

One thing is certain in life — family needs are always evolving. As kids come and go, aging parents move in, greener technology becomes available, and we look for more creature comforts in our homes, individuals and families need and want to update living spaces.

So, if you’re thinking 2015 is the year to make changes to your home to better suit your changing lifestyle needs, I would encourage you to review some of the following top home remodeling resolutions.

TIP #1: Planning For My Long-Term Home Needs

Given the fact that a home remodeling project can be a significant investment of both time and money, I would strongly recommend that your family has thought through all elements of the remodeling job to make sure it will work for family’s long-term living needs. You want the work done on your home to both improve your day-to-day life and add to the future value of your home, so ensuring the decision makers in your family are all on the same page is critical.

Also, as your family plans to remodel your home, we recommend considering the best times for your home to be under construction. We find that since families tend to travel more during the summer months, that is a good time for a remodeling project as the process may be less disruptive and the work can move quicker.

TIP #2: Research What You Like

One of the best things you can do to prepare for sitting down with a professional remodeler is to find pictures of aspects of homes that you like. Being able to show examples of your preferences is extremely helpful to ensure your tastes are understood and incorporated into the design, and often, the materials selected for your remodeling project.

Websites like or offer thousands of ideas that you can explore and print out to help you define the look and feel you desire to achieve with your new finished space. You can also save them in an online account that can be viewed by your potential remodel company.

TIP #3: Do Your Homework on the Best Remodeling Company

As with any significant investment, make sure you do due diligence before signing on with a design-build firm. Remodeling remains one of the most reported industries, so be sure to talk with the firm’s client references and visit recent projects they have completed to get a sense for their craftsmanship. You may also want to ask which professionals will be working with you through the remodeling process. It is important to know who will be your single point of accountability.

With a single point of accountability for the entire design and construction process, you can work alongside your architectural team and other specialists to ensure reliable materials are specified, drawings are clear, and challenges are addressed to lay the groundwork for a smooth production process. Most importantly, this team approach ensures that the project that is being designed aligns with your budget goals, and finds areas of efficiencies and appropriate cost savings wherever possible.

These three tips will help you to achieve the best approach and find a design-build team that will take accountability and manage the entire process while looking after your best interests. Remodeling professionals become part of your family during the process, so it’s important to be extremely comfortable with the firm you choose.

By Joshua Baker/BOWA

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