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2018 Spring Parade of Homes Remodelers Showcase this weekend!!!

2018 Spring Parade of Homes Remodelers Showcase this weekend!!!

                                                                   SPRING PARADE OF HOMES REMODELERS SHOWCASE THIS WEEKEND!!!  

Hey Folks the time is finally here!


The Spring Remodelers Showcase is finally upon us this weekend Friday March 23-Sunday March 25th.  Its time to get inspired and come visit us!!!

The hours are from 12 noon to 6pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

 Come check out our whole house remodel #R4 at 3006 Leyland View, Woodbury, MN 55125

We all look forward to taking you through a tour of a WHOLE HOUSE REMODEL!  One of the perks of coming to see us this weekend is we will have the Owner/Contractor/Dream-Maker Rick Grindland and his cohort in crime Project manager-Designer/Crazy Amazing Organizer and Wonder Woman Kian Dwyer will also be there. Haha hope they don’t mind me boasting but I have had the honor of working with them for over 2 years and how they execute a job and take care of the people they work for has always made me proud to work for SpaceMakers Remodeling.  Special mention to Tony Grindland who is a very talented miracle worker himself and does an amazing job creating your newly remodeled space. Also, we don’t just hire out any subcontractor, we’ve used the same for electrical and plumbing for many, many years…in fact, we often hear from our clients that we all seem like family and they love the special attention and daily service we provide. Homeowners even feel comfortable texting us with any questions or simply give us a kind compliment that certainly makes our day!:)


As you go touring homes this weekend I just want to point out a few things you should look for when hiring a Remodeler.

#1 Ask about the drawings you get when they come measure & view your home.  For example, here at SpaceMakers we do not charge you for drawings of your remodel and never have a problem reviewing or redrawing your plans until you are totally satisfied with the end result before we even start.

#2 Ask who will be the main person you will be dealing with throughout your remodel. We take pride in the fact that the same people who come out to talk to you are the same people you will deal with throughout the whole project.  That way you can feel confident in the people you hired and you will always have a face and a consistent person to take care of all your needs.

#3 When picking a remodeler look for a FULL DESIGN BUILD company who will take care of  all aspects of your project!

#4 When getting quotes make sure to compare apples to apples meaning that if you get a bid that is significantly lower, double check the quality of the products.  It’s easy to low-ball a quote if you pick the lowest quality and then later try to get a customer to upgrade to what they realistically want which ends up doubling the cost.  We always quote with middle to high end quality products so we don’t need to shock a customer later.  We take the honest upfront approach and have no problem cutting here or there to lower cost or upgrade on the things you really want the most. It’s all up to you and all about you…we are here to service your wants and needs 100%!

#5 Always remember to check out credentials and reviews.  Word of mouth is a great indicator but other places like Angie’s List are also a great way to see the track record of a Remodeling company.

The Remodelers Showcase this weekend is a great way to get ideas and check out the different remodelers around town!


Here is a little sneak preview of the Remodeled home we will be showing this weekend!!!


So pick up a booklet at your local Holiday gas station and come see us this weekend!! We can’t wait to hear about your dreams and how we can help you make them come true!!!

Check out our whole house remodel #R4 at 3006 Leyland View, Woodbury, MN 55125 Friday-Sunday 12NOON-6:00pm every day.

Here’s a little teaser of the porch you will see!!!


Have a GREAT WEEKEND and hope to see you there!!!!!!



Rick Grindland - Owner
Phone: 651-735-1188
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