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Appreciate Workmanship more

Appreciate Workmanship more

images-1Hello folks!

Todays blog is dedicated to those amazing guys I work with.

I spent my weekend caulking a tub and shower and also painting my bathroom.  Let me tell you something… I already appreciated the guys I work with at SpaceMakers but have an even bigger respect for them after doing it myself!!!!!! 🙂

So many times I have seen the backsplashes in the kitchens that need precise caulking not to mention the bathroom tubs and the quality in the end result that they did… haha lets just say my work was not quite up to par with theirs. 


 I guess this is just a reminder to you, when your looking for a remodeler, that you need to make sure to check out their work.  I really am proud to work with such quality people and I myself wish I would have called upon my friends to help me out.   haha

Now every time I take a shower I laugh at my work and appreciate theirs more 🙂 

On that note I usually love to share visuals but to my dismay I never really took the time to zoom in on the painting and caulking part because I am usually focused in on the final project.

Note to self again… I will focus more on the tiny details and yes.. give the guys a HUGE high five when I see them again because now I get it!


A wonderful week to all of you from all of us at SpaceMakers Remodeling.

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