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Basement finishing on the rise!

Hello Folks!

We have had a lot of inquiries about basement finishing lately so that is my topic of the day!!

It’s a busy time of year for everyone and entertaining at home just keeps getting more and more prevalent.

 I always smile when we visit a home for an estimate on a basement and 9 out of 10 times we see a children’s playground in the living room.  You just know why you’re there right off the bat!!!  haha   They give us the puppy dog eyes look and say we need the basement finished so we can reclaim our adult living space 🙂

 Basements come in all different shapes and sizes.  From wet bars to entertainment centers to full-blown Kitchens!  We’ve done it all.

On to visuals!


Here are a few basements we’ve done this year.

Wall to wall entertainment center (base storage and open shelving to display your awards and favorite souvenirs) with wide screen TV…men call this their man cave…but it turns into a great family gathering or a Super Bowl party with your friends. You’ll also see below a wet bar (great storage, recycling/trash bins and stemware holder) and finished bath with clear frame-less glass door (door will swing in or out).

5434 Southridge Ct Woodbury MN-MLS_Size-001-13-01-1024x768-72dpi

5434 Southridge Ct Woodbury MN-MLS_Size-008-3-10-1024x768-72dpi-1

5434 Southridge Ct Woodbury MN-MLS_Size-003-8-04-1024x768-72dpi

5434 Southridge Ct Woodbury MN-MLS_Size-007-10-09-1024x768-72dpi

In this basement they wanted a full blown kitchen and living area. They also decided on a big walk in tub for future use!  As the years creep up on u, a lot of people are planning for the future and making things more handicap accessible so they can stay in their home longer!


2230 MN13 Mendota Heights MN-small-001-15-03-666x444-72dpi

2230 MN13 Mendota Heights MN-small-002-18-07-666x444-72dpi

2230 MN13 Mendota Heights MN-small-014-3-33-666x444-72dpi

2230 MN13 Mendota Heights MN-small-013-6-32-666x444-72dpi

2230 MN13 Mendota Heights MN-small-016-7-38-666x444-72dpi



This basement was designed with wide open space to accommodate a sewing business, and a workout area to let off some steam! 🙂

7388 Burr OAK Cove S Cottage-small-002-7-05-666x444-72dpi

7388 Burr OAK Cove S Cottage-small-001-6-01-666x444-72dpi

7388 Burr OAK Cove S Cottage-small-007-5-open-666x444-72dpi

7388 Burr OAK Cove S Cottage-small-003-2-11-666x444-72dpi

7388 Burr OAK Cove S Cottage-small-009-9-19-666x444-72dpi

This client wanted a small wet bar close to the lower level family room.  We also installed a ventilation system in another room for some home brewing to be done! 🙂

2208 Kings Dr Woodbury MN-small-003-5-003-666x444-72dpi

2208 Kings Dr Woodbury MN-small-002-12-002-334x500-72dpi

2208 Kings Dr Woodbury MN-small-004-4-005-334x500-72dpi

2208 Kings Dr Woodbury MN-small-006-9-012-666x444-72dpi

2208 Kings Dr Woodbury MN-small-001-8-001-666x444-72dpi

Yes another basement 🙂 Photo before furnishings.


Well this is just a sampling of some basements we have recently done this year.  As people entertain more and more at home, it just makes sense to finish off the basement as well as the upstairs so you have some room to roam!

Here is a  friendly reminder to those of you wanting to finish your basement…

When you take the leap don’t forget that you don’t have to do it all at once. A lot of people rough in plumbing for a future wet bar when they have more funds to make it happen!  You don’t want to be tearing nice painted walls you already put in to get to the plumbing.


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