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Beat the winter blues with a SUNROOM!

Beat the winter blues with a SUNROOM!


Well with winter slowly creeping up on us I can’t help but think its a good time for a sunroom aka porch addition!!  We all get the winter blues and a sunroom is just what the doctor ordered!

Choosing between a 3 or 4 season  porch or sunroom has to do with how you will use it. If you hibernate like a bear in the winter and are looking for a place to entertain during the warmer months than a 3 season sunroom would be a perfect solution.

On the other hand, if you are looking for additional space year round and love watching the snow fall as well as hearing the summer birds singing well a 4 season is definitly what you need!!

The thing to remember or think about is the cost difference. There is a product out there that we use for 3 season porches, that is less expensive than glass windows but can extend your porch life into the colder fall days!  It’s called EZ-BREEZE windows!

They are.. for lack of a better word.. SO COOL!!! You slide them open in a few different ways to allow the breeze to come through or close them for the colder days. They are not glass windows so they are not meant for winter months but they defiantly extend your porch time and also protect your porch furniture!!!  Something to think about and look into!  I can tell you all the ones we have installed people have loved it and the porch whether 3 season or 4 season ends up being the favorite room!!

We all love visuals so here are a few examples!



If your looking for a 4 season porch than energy-efficient glass windows will expose your sunroom to warming rays and give you the vitamin D from the sun that you crave in the winter!! You can also add a heated floor to help keep it toasty on your toes while you watch the snow fall!!!

Here’s an example of a 4 season porch we did with heated floors and a fireplace per the client’s request. You absolutely do not need both for heat. This homeowner likes to have the option of having either the heated flooring on or the fireplace.



Well I know I shouldn’t be talking about winter yet but just giving you some food for thought!!!   Who doesn’t want to feel that sun all year round!!

Happy remodeling to you all.

Keep dreaming and scheming!!!!


Rick Grindland - Owner
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