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Designing a Kitchen for Cooks!

Designing a Kitchen for Cooks!


At SpaceMakers Remodeling, we are a full design-build home remodeling company.  We use quality products, and installation experience to create more functional, modernized, and aesthetically pleasing kitchens for homeowners. When it comes to your remodeling projects, we’ll handle every aspect of your design plan, from the visual balance of how your kitchen looks such as the cabinetry and counter tops, down to the electrical and plumbing layout. We help you with everything you need but what it all comes down to is what do you want!!!!!

That being said the topic today is ideas for designing a kitchen for people who love to cook!

We all know what we need and want in our own kitchen but I did a little research to help break down the facts a little.

First of all you want a kitchen to organize and accommodate cooking, cleanup and storage without your having to constantly double back.

Some homes just need a basic kitchen – just enough cabinets, counter work space and appliances to put meals on the table and clean up in time for the next round. But if you or your spouse really enjoys cooking, there are appliances, storage ideas and design tricks that can make your kitchen a joy to work in and from what I have learned and read, many of these ideas are just good planning on your part and won’t cost an extra dime!  Upgrades like a second sink or a high-BTU range will add to the price of your kitchen remodel but you need to ask yourself, do you need this to make a great meal? Not really, but if you enjoy spending time in your kitchen, it may be worth the extra dollars to make your kitchen work flawlessly.

Just saying  🙂

Next…Plan your kitchen according to what you cook and how you work!

Think about storage before you decide on the final layout. Take an inventory of everything you own; don’t forget to include the big mixer you plan to buy!!  Measure everything, from the diameter of dinner plates to the dimensions of your largest tray, to be sure planned spaces will accommodate them.

( I’m speaking to those of you who still store your favorite dishes in the garage but would love to bring them into the house hahah I have a good friend who does this 🙂

Store measuring cups, mixing bowls and other items used together in the same place.  Try to store every item at its first point of use.

Here is an excellent idea for mixer storage!!




Cabinets. You might want to consider choosing closed cupboards (they hide clutter), and avoid open shelves (they gather dust). Store collections and decorative objects behind glass doors. We have remodeled a few homes where people want to display family heirlooms and glass doors are a beautiful way to do just that!

If you have the space and are designing the kitchen with custom or semicustom cabinets, specify the upper tier of cabinets 15 in. deep instead of the usual 12 in. to accommodate plates and platters. Take the cabinets all the way to ceiling height to provide storage space instead of wasting it on a soffit.   ( This is the normal nowadays anyway but I just wanted to mention it to those who wonder about going to the ceiling) Another thing about taking cabinets to the ceiling is the kitchen appears larger!! Believe it or not it is true (creates height that’s not chopped up by a soffit) and you have more storage woot woot!!!

Always opt for adjustable shelves. And you might want to skip the tiny knobs and hard-to-grasp decorative hardware. With a C- or U-shaped pull, you can open cabinets with one finger or even with gooey hands!!    

Deep drawers are great for storage!  Once you get used to having a drawer big and strong enough for your big pans you will never want to go back to doors and fumbling to get pans out!!! Don’t forget that even the smallest drawers serve a great purpose. They are awesome for stashing easily lost small items, such as cookie cutters, custard cups, pastry tubes, turkey basters etc. If you want you can specify full-extension glides so the drawers open all the way and you can see items in the back. (note they slide out pretty far so before you spend the extra money double check if you really need them!!!) Standard is 3/4 pull-out that’s plenty for most people. If it’s a heavy appliance in a base cabinet, you’ll probably want the full extension pull-out.

You can also gain extra inches of storage in underused spots. For example, mount pull-down holders for a cookbook or knives under the cabinets. Install a narrow shelf beneath wall cabinets for spice jars. Or, consider attaching a rail and hooks to the backsplash for hanging ladles and small pans. Store items in the open only if you use them regularly. These are some things you can do yourself.

Big drawers and slide out shelves are what more people are wanting…


Two-tier cutlery drawer…


Sinks faucets

An undermount sink installation works best for cooks. You can scrape stuff right off the counter into the bowl instead of up and over the lip. Its so nice not to have to clean the lip around the sink anymore!!!  Also stick to the rectangle sinks and stay away from rounded shapes, which cut into the work area. (got this tip from a chef! 🙂

You’ll also find single-handle lever faucets easy to operate with your elbow when hands are sticky or covered with flour. Gooseneck models are another handy feature because they make filling, washing and rinsing large pots easy. So are pullout sprayers, which allow you to easily reach all corners of the sink.


Well you know at SpaceMakers we LOVE LOVE LOVE our Cambria countertops for many reasons I have stated before.  Just a reminder that Quartz Cambria tops are no maintenance, very strong and durable!  Pretty sure the walls will come down before that counter-top ever does  haha

Floors. The ideal kitchen floor is a nonslip, even when wet, and effortless to maintain. LVT (luxury vinyl tile) is a wonderful choice, we use it a lot and our clients love it! LVT is luxury vinyll tile and no…its not your grammas sheet vinyl floor hahah    LVT is used in million dollar homes and extremely durable and beautiful.  Great for animals and small children…that durable!!

 Example of LVT floor! Note this is a full-blown kitchen in a basement of a 1920’s home, hence the soffit and columns to house electrical and pluming.

2230 MN13 Mendota Heights MN-small-001-15-03-666x444-72dpi

I hope this was helpful!

For all you semi pro cooks woking on remodeling your kitchen may the force be with you!!!

Have a great day!!


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