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Don’t forget about a Mudroom when remodeling!

Don't forget about a Mudroom when remodeling!

Something to think about when you remodel…



For a lot of busy families a mudroom or a stop and drop area when you come in the door is a must!

Living through Minnesota Winters and rainy Springs we all understand, especially when children are involved, a place to drop boots and jackets is a HUGE must!

So a lot of people are deciding to take a little nook by the garage door or close to it to create a space for STUFF!

BOOT stuff!

SHOE stuff!

JACKET stuff!

STUFF Stuff!


We had a client that wanted to extend a small closet by the garage door by knocking out the wall in back of the closet into the garage a little. It was a weird angle in the garage anyway so it worked out awesome!

If you really take the time to stare at the space that is giving you trouble there is always a creative way to make space!!  ( HA They don’t call us SpaceMakers for nothin’  🙂

I URGE you to think outside of the box!  Taking out a simple hallway wall and opening up a closet can also leave you a big space to put a bench and hooks and maybe even some shoe storage underneath!

A lot of times a laundry room in back by a garage door is a great place to combine a mudroom… and how cool is that to take wet cloths off and put them right in the wash pile!     YEAH!!

The good news is that a MUDROOM no longer needs to be a dedicated room. You can be creative with space, carving out nooks for benches, hooks and cubbies in hallways, and even within a kitchen footprint.

So go take a look at your space and when you decide to remodel a kitchen don’t forget to see if a mudroom might fit into the picture as well!!

I’ll leave you with a few pictures.. Everyone loves visuals!!!!

Good Day All!!!







FOUND ONE MORE TO ADD!!                                                                                     ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!



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