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Function in your Kitchen

Function in your Kitchen


Happy Holidays!

Well with Christmas over and New Years on the way it’s time to start the thinking about all the reasons you want to remodel again.  After the whole family being crammed into that tiny kitchen, it gets a person dreaming doesn’t it!!!!!

First of all let’s talk about the FUNCTION of your kitchen.  After talking with clients and doing other research I’d like to share some interesting facts I came across that might just put your creative mind at ease.

When it comes to FUNCTION you need to ask yourself what it is you really desire. I say that because people are worried about trends and also stuck in the old school way of what balance in a kitchen really is. ( A perfect triangle haha) but don’t forget it’s a new day, a new era and almost a NEW YEAR!! haha   

Functionality is exactly what it says it is and if you like to load your dishes in a dishwasher on the left side of the sink and not the right, well it’s ok to do that now!  Kitchens have changed so much. People want a space that is conducive to how they use their kitchen which means you have the power to choose where things go and why. 

Sure you have to keep design in mind but if you look at the newest designs they are playing off function and need more so than, “Hey that looks balanced so let’s just stick there!”

Some unique Functional kitchen storage to think about…

Cubby hole storage built into cabinets for specific use such as…

cook books

decorative jars for baking needs

drop zone cubby holes for mail clutter and to plug in electronics.

Corner cabinets that open from 2 sides for those kitchens that open into other living space. Makes a great smooth transition especially when walls are removed for a larger kitchen area.

Garbage and recycling bins in a pull out drawer are the bomb!

and the list goes on.

Here are a few examples on a small scale though. You get to choose what you want to make your kitchen the one you dreamed of.  Again, a friendly reminder that the beauty of REMODELING is you are not stuck with cookie cutter builders rules!! WOOT WOOT!!!





Just want to get your creative juices flowing for your own space and needs.

If you can think it up it can happen!

Also, it’s a great time to start a remodel before spring and summer hits and your on the go!

Hope this was helpful! KEEP DREAMING!!!!



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