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Going for the Gold

Going for the Gold


Keeping in the spirit of the Olympics…

Olympics come around every 4 years which is funny because it’s about the time when people start to think about remodeling projects. Haha

And that’s when you start dreaming about doing a giant slalom through your tiny kitchen in hopes it will take out that wall you want to get rid of!  Then maybe you can land a new golden island!!!

Or you realize you don’t want to skate through another 4 years without a bathroom upgrade. Who doesn’t want a shiny new silver plated faucet or a bronze plated waterfall shower?!

Just like Olympic athletes you may be afraid of jumping into a new challenge.  Whether that’s landing a half pipe run or a full remodel of your basement it requires preparation and a level of faith.

1. Set a goal to reach your dreams

Pull off an alley-oop or map your remodel project

2. Fund your dream for a long term gain

Fundraise a trip of a lifetime or set aside a budget to maximize your dream

3. Pick a goal winning team

Select a winning coach or an award – winning Remodeling company

At SpaceMakers Remodeling we would love to help you bring home the gold. (aka. bring your remodeling dreams to life!)


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