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All of us at SpaceMakers Remodeling would love to wish you and your families a great TURKEY DAY!!!

Today’s blog is in honor of Family.

The holidays come and go and as we shove the whole family in our kitchen, where everyone always wants to be haha :)…we dream about having the space for the holidays.  We would love the opportunity to help you make your space bigger and more efficient but most of all what we want to tell you is this.

We may be in the business of creating SPACE to make your life a little easier but what it all boils down to is…

Family is everything.

There is always enough space even in the tiniest of homes, because we all know that even when the space is small we will find a way to house all our loved ones.

I was thinking today about why people even remodel their homes anyway… I smiled because I realized it’s always to accommodate family.  To have a place where we can remember why it is we work so hard…  Family.

I think about all the wonderful families we have had the opportunity to meet through our business of remodeling.  I know it seems a little silly but I’m thankful for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and families.

So in honor of Thanksgiving we would love to thank you…for your business, for your new friendship and for sharing your stories and families with us.

Just a reminder… yes, it’s great to dream big and create a space you would love,  but the most important thing of all is being together in whatever space you have and loving every crammed space and time of it all!

That is where great stories are born!!

So have a wonderful, fantastic, spectacular THANKS GIVING!!!








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