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How to Avoid Nightmare Remodels!

How to Avoid Nightmare Remodels!


Nightmare remodels… we all hear about them and a few of us have had the unfortunate circumstance to experience them!!!

In today’s blog I would love to tell you a few pointers to avoid them, as well as a short tale on what happened to my friend.  I wanted to write this Blog because after hearing my friends story I was even more proud to work for SpaceMakers Remodeling. Nothing like this story would ever happen where I work.  I also love to say I know all of our workers on a first name basis and love them all.

Shout out to all of you and thank you for making me proud of my job!!!!!


Ok, here’s the Tale after a few reminders…


It costs nothing to read up on someone you hire and can make a WORLD of difference!

Check Angie’s List and other sites.

Check their website for reviews and if you’re hiring a handyman for small projects who doesn’t really have an established website, make sure you ASK FOR REFERENCES!!!

Here’s a quick nightmare story for you…

 A friend of mine recently had a toilet issue in the home she rents. It’s an older home and the toilet was leaking in the basement. Long story short she needed a new toilet and the pipes needed to be replaced in the basement as well as the bathroom because they were old and rusted. So the renters hired a handyman. Nice guy (she met him) and seemed very competent. Hmm…She tells this story better than me…I was cry laughing (laughter definitely is the best medicine, especially when disaster is lurking!! hahah)

Anyway let’s just say he came and did what he was supposed to. Oh yeah… fun fact, the bathroom is only 5×5 excluding the shower/tub. So a person would think maybe 1 day? 2 days? I’ll even give it 3 days to finish? Nope, over a week. (only bathroom in the home also) And, again not to go into funny details, I will just tell you that he swindled them into an older but brand new toilet that has a shelf, so when duty calls and you assume you can just flush the toilet, it needs a little help getting off the shelf…every time!!!  HAHA not funny but again…laughter is the best medicine!!!!  To add insult to injury, he used a bright purple sealer on the pipes to make them water tight….no big deal they are hidden right!! Well, they are but he got the purple sealer on the front door knob, the sink top and the white cabinet door… and no it doesn’t come off…well not yet. 🙂  Also, he decided to put new floor over old floor so the door now rubs when it’s open because the floor got raised. Ok, just need to tell you one more thing because it was funny. He must have gotten a deal on the faucet for the sink because he replaced the old rectangular one with an oval base one…that did not cover the hole where old faucet was. The fix for that??? He came and put thick caulk around round base to fill in the hole. What the heck, right!! Poor girl…She had no say because she’s renting but she has a great funny story that’s for sure!!!! (side note… he fixed the fan with new parts that made it louder haha )


ASK AROUND…Even if it’s a small where you don’t need a full design build like SpaceMakers, check with other people. We have a few great people we suggest when we encounter a job that is too small for us. We know they’re amazing at the smaller jobs!!! 🙂

Here are a few more links to remind you what to think about before hiring so the nightmare wont happen to you!!


FYI –  in my research today I came across 2 incidences where a cat was trapped in construction. One got tiled up in the wall and another was sleeping in a small hole in the sub floor. Just a reminder to have a place for your animals during construction!

… and if you can’t find your cat.. check the walls!

This is why I love working for SpaceMakers Remodeling. We pay attention to every detail and care about our customers. We care what they think of us as well. I am proud to say I work for a company that puts so much love into the job.

Have a great day and happy remodeling!!!


Rick Grindland - Owner
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