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It’s the little things!!

It's the little things!!

Today’s blog is about the LITTLE THINGS and what a Remodeling Agency with an in house Designer can do for you!

images-5So after toting or a better word would be SCHLEPPING around samples of everything from carpet, hardware, paint, well everything but the kitchen sink, to our client’s homes, you start to have a huge appreciation for the Designer. (although we have schlepped a sink here and there to have them check the color as well haha:)

Our Designer has to be on top of everything to the finest detail of the color of grout for the tile. She is in constant contact with so many people. Ordering flooring and getting the best price, making sure everything is in stock and the right color and keeping impeccable notes to make it all flow and go smoothly. I really have come to realize just how big her role is and what it takes to be a good designer.


Since I am a little newer to the game of schlepping samples, I am in total awe of our Designer Kian. As I sit back and watch the overwhelmed reactions to the many decisions people have to make, like knobs or handles, drawers or cupboard doors, paint, tile grout color, carpet, tub “WHEW” the list goes on and on. I appreciate her knowledge and expertise so much. I love seeing the stress slowly dissipate from the client’s eyes as she takes control and eases their minds 🙂

So, my friends, I am just a little bird on your shoulder today…



Here to remind you when you are looking for a remodeler to check to see if it’s a full design-build. I promise you, you won’t regret it!  If you are lucky enough to pick a designer like ours who absolutely loves her job, the many hats she wears and makes life long friends out of every client…well you’re a lucky person!

I like to think I am someone who loves details but man oh man after meeting her she brings new meaning to loving and living your job! So, also today I would just like to say thank you to her for being a good role model!

Have a great day!!!


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