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New Cambria Quartz countertop colors are available!!

New Cambria Quartz countertop colors are available!!


So we recently went to the grand unveiling of the new Cambria  Quartz countertop colors, and were pleasantly surprised!!!

There are so many countertops to choose from it’s true but we here at SpaceMakers are really impressed with the Cambria line of countertops for sure.

Cambria is the most innovative with design & technology. We work with all materials but Cambria has continued to come out on top for service, quality and value!  All of the things we strive to give you and appreciate in a company that comes through so often!    (And they really are amazing to work with.  I truly mean that.)

Several colors are now available in matte!

You can also do 10 different profile edges at no up charge where typically with other materials the price goes up with each profile edge and as you go more into color depth and pattern!

A few of my favorites are “QUEEN ANNE Matte”  “ANNICCA Matte” and depending on your taste in a splash of color, the “KELVINGROVE”  which has a hint of Aqua in it and a great accent color for a bathroom or if you like the color, a whole kitchen if it’s one you love!!!

There is also a new vibrant blue that reminds me of a birds eye view of the earth’s oceans. (called SKYE)

Crazy awesome color if you’re the adventurous type!!!

If you would like to view the new colors here are the links to get you there faster!!


Just one more thing to research and have fun picking out for your newly remodeled home!






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