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New Year’s Home Resolutions!

We all have our News Year’s resolutions so why not add one more to the mix!


Starting with the kitchen.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more counter top space?!  Imagine having the blender, toaster, baskets of bread, and cutlery all off the counter.  Here are some great ideas to give you more space and less clutter.

Better yet,  if you have a creative idea that hasn’t been done yet let us know we would love to help you fulfill your dreams in 2017!

Ok lets start with visuals… who doesn’t love visuals!

This client opted to put the microwave in their new kitchen island and in a pull-out drawer…they love it!


this particular microwave was designed to have easy access from above.


Now let’s talk about that huge blender that takes up the whole counter… This cupboard was designed specifically to hold this beauty.. giving you more room to chop away on your spacious counter top! This raises to be the height of your counter top but stays on this durable shelf so you can do your mixing right there…it’s like expanding your counter top!





Now moving on to cutlery and a fun way to organize it!  Your gonna’ love this new cabinet design for sharp knives and tall utensils. You actually just drop the knife in!







Can’t forget the two-tier cutlery drawer! How cool is that… 2 drawers in one!


Now lets look at organizing our spices! Here are a few options to keep your little ducks in row! 🙂

option 1



option 2dc

option 3img_0464

Who doesn’t love a place for garbage and recycling that has easy access!  This island is also equipped with tray dividers and smooth pull-out shelves that are adjustable!

Yay for more space!



This deep drawer has movable pegs to hold your dishes in place… no more stacking bowls on top of bowls on top of more bowls!



Well here’s to 2017 and clean work spaces to create on! Hopefully this got your creative juices flowing. 🙂

Wishing you a New Year full of great ideas to make come true!!!!




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