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Picking out Tile!

Picking out Tile!


The topic today is picking out tile for kitchens and bathrooms.. One would think this is an easy task. Well not always but it definitely does not have to be difficult! If you have ever walked in to a tile shop you know what I’m talking about…rows and rows of tile in every shape texture and style.

One of the most helpful things to consider when you are choosing a remodeling company is if they have a designer on hand to help you out. You won’t regret it!


We are very lucky here at SpaceMakers to be a full design build so we have an amazing designer to help you through with all selections every step of the way.

With over 20-years experience…Kian has an amazing eye for what looks great but more so she has the ability to get inside people’s heads and narrow the search down right away by reading their faces, listening and asking the right questions.  It can be so overwhelming when you walk into the Tile Shop with thousands of options.  What I love about working with Kian is that you can describe what you like and she can come back with 3 or 4 samples right off the bat because she knows right where to look and what clients want before they do.

I don’t know how she does it but her magic clearly shows as I see the appreciation in clients eyes, especially the ones who get to the Tile Shop before us, overwhelmed, and have been walking around aimlessly wondering where to start!

Makes for happy shiny people and a much more fun process of elimination!!!!

If by chance you don’t have a designer to help you I have learned that picking a countertop right away can be instrumental to helping you through the process of picking tile.

Consider that the  countertops are right up against the backsplash and you want to make sure they are not competing with each other.  A good way to start picking out the countertop is to ask yourself right off the bat if you like a large flowing pattern or a small pattern? That will narrow the search for countertops right away and get you closer to a decision faster.

Then ask for a sample of your countertop along with your cabinetry wood to take to the Tile Shop so you can get an idea what will work or not.

Another thing to think about when choosing kitchen backsplash or bathroom tile is …

Do you like color? or would you rather stay in the neutral  zone?

Do you want your backsplash to be a focal point? or just blend in?

Knowing these things will help you to simplify your search right away.

There are so many options between ceramic, glass tile, natural stone etc.  Don’t forget most tile shops have great people working there who are willing to help you also, you just need to ask! 🙂 They know the store and what’s new that just came in and maybe be perfect for your design needs. Plus, they will even carry the samples out to your car for you!

One last thing to add before I start rambling on more hahaha…is try and know your budget so you don’t get out of hand picking the most expensive tile.  It is easy to create beautiful designs within a budget.   Like we do with our clients…give yourself an allowance that you need to stay within and then start picking tile or asking someone who works at the tile shop to steer you towards things within your range.

I hope I helped you understand the process better and remember this is supposed to be fun so don’t let yourself get overwhelmed!!!!

I thought I would leave you with a few visual examples of SpaceMakers tile projects that we helped select the tile selections to give you some ideas to help narrow your search!

Have fun!






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