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Fun Photos of Bathroom FEATURES!!!

Fun Photos of Bathroom FEATURES!!!


Well last week’s blog was about Kitchen Features so this week is gonna’ be about BATHROOM FEATURES!!

Bathrooms don’t have quite as many options as kitchens do, obviously because they tend to be smaller, but don’t let that fool ya into thinking there isn’t much to do.  It’s all in how you utilize space creatively!!  So let’s take a look at some ways to create a clean, uncluttered look in your newly remodeled bathroom.  So what can you do in a bathroom huh?


We’re talking Niches,

Glass Doors that swing both in and out,

Beautiful custom Tile Work,

Unique Cubby Hole Storage,

Toilet Toppers,

Solar tubes,

Fun plumbing and much much more!!!!

Again when it comes to features everyone loves VISUALS so let’s begin WOOT WOOT!!!

imgresHow about Niches.

What is a niche you ask??

Basically it is a a shallow recess, especially one in a wall.  So Niches in showers are the greatest way to organize your many bottles of products.  How great it is to not have to use the outside of a tub or some device that hangs off your shower head to hold all of your a ummm Crap 🙂

There are many different sized Niches and that is due to the fact that no two bathrooms are the same…  Especially, in a new remodel where sky’s the limit!  You get to  choose what fits your needs most!  YEAH!!!

So without further ado here are the PICS.

This bathroom has 3 recessed Niches. Not necessarily the norm but for this big family it was well needed.

2013-07-22 15.18.26

This is also a unique Niche which they chose so they had a place for soap and bottles above.  Also take note of the placement of the Niches as you look at pictures… This one is under the shower head but other people prefer Niches to the side.  Think about what best fits you.  It can be put wherever you want!


Long Niche with a built in bench to rest or shave!

3849 Jamestown Curve Woodbury-small-020-20-16-334x500-72dpi






Alrighty then… There are a few Niches to ponder.

Let’s take a look at a couple cubby hole storage areas.  Remember you can get creative with your space in a REMODEL. You don’t have to do everything cookie cutter like a new home!

9362 Wentlock Rd Woodbury MN-small-009-1-013-334x500-72dpi

661 Delaware Ave Saint Paul MN-small-001-11-03-666x444-72dpi


Here are some examples of different clear frame-less glass showers.  A lot of the new ones have swinging doors now that are able to swing both in and out depending on the space in your bathroom!


2525 Queensport Rd Woodbury MN-small-009-6-13-666x444-72dpi


This is a basement bathroom with a less expensive fiberglass shower with a framed glass door.

2208 Kings Dr Woodbury MN-small-006-9-012-666x444-72dpi


14606 97th St N Stillwater MN-small-019-24-08-421x500-72dpi


This cabinet has roll out trays!


This master bath with the tall cabinet had matching cabinetry seat storage for towels and such also.


Toilet topper cabinet is another great idea for storage in a small bathroom.

Another creative idea on storage for tight bathrooms


Here is a client who wanted some electrical plug-ins closer to where she needs to sit to get ready. She loves it!!

3849 Jamestown Curve Woodbury-small-025-22-24-666x444-72dpi


For all you tall people we recently installed this very high rain shower head. The customer was sooooo happy he didn’t have to duck anymore!!


Another ceiling shower with a hand held shower head on the side for the women who need a little extra blast to wash their hair! 🙂 This shower is also equipped with shower jets!!! What a dream!

786 Camberwell Dr Eagan MN-large-015-23-Edinburgh-667x1000-72dpi

This is for all those guys who always dreamed of a steam shower! It actually has a a steam shower and 2 shower heads, one on each side.  The ergonomic seating is an added bonus!



Oh yeah!!  The sun and moonlight that stream down fill your room with beautiful natural light!

2208 Kings Dr Woodbury MN-small-036-28-53-334x500-72dpi


This is a solar tube with a built in fan meant for a bathroom!

SolarTube 111205_017

Well at least you have a taste and a visual idea of bathroom features now!!!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures aka VISUALS!!

Have a great day!!


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