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Recess your Fridge to make more room!

Recess your Fridge to make more room!


Spent some time at my sister’s cabin this weekend working on projects. The big project of the weekend was getting rid of the old leaky fridge.. ya know the one that you have to keep moving the cup to catch the drips, and if you forget there is a flood inside the fridge!!! … yeah that one.

A friend offered up an almost new fridge so it was gonna be great!   Well it was great except for the fact it didn’t quite fit hahaha!!! So after removing a sliding glass door and removing or shall I say sawing off part of the cabinetry it was in!! Way easier said than done! Yes, everyone was happy in the end except for the fact on how long it took to put that bad boy in… And the husband who had rejected the idea in the beginning threw in a few “I told ya soo’s ” and “Honey the old one was fine” haha.



This was not her husband during the install  hee hee 🙂

Anyway got me thinking…I know… don’t go accusing me of thinking 🙂 it got me thinking how much of the difference it makes when we recess a fridge in certain homes.  Space is such a huge deal especially in a kitchen and creating more can be a huge blessing.. Even 3 inches can make a world of difference in a kitchen where you cant walk past the fridge when the door is open. Some people don’t realize you have the option to take out 3 inches (within the wall space) behind the fridge and push that baby back!!

So my fine point today is again about making space.  You may have to deal with or work around existing walls but don’t forget there are a few space making tricks we can use!!! We continue to hear from our clients on the reason they chose SpaceMakers for their remodeling project was because they wanted a company who could create more space!

We especially find this in older small unique spaced homes where its hard to turn around in the kitchen.  As the refrigerators get bigger so does the need for more space!

Well now it’s time to move on to 3 season porches…let the Spring begin!!!

images-3Have a great weeek!!!!



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