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Should I Remodel or Not?

Should I Remodel or Not?


With a  little research mixed with what I have witnessed & heard from our clients, the blog today is some pointers to think about when deciding…

whether to remodel or not

what to remodel or not

and why do both!!!



What kind of remodeling does your home need?

How much more do you think you will enjoy your home if you remodel?

How long do you think you’ll stay in the house?


1. If you are planning to stay in the house ten years or more, most of your decision should be made based on how much the enhancements will improve your lifestyle.

2. If you’re not planning on staying in your home much longer, you need to pay closer attention to the improvements impact on the resale of your home.

You could ask your realtor but it never hurts to get advice from general contractors, neighbors, home magazines and family as well. Also keep in mind when you’re getting advice, ask around about Remodelers because word of mouth in this business is huge! And, as always, check Angie’s List reviews which is one of the best sources around and it’s now FREE!

3. Another factor to consider has to do with whether or not your house is flawed compared to nearby homes.  If you have one bath, for example, and everyone else in the neighborhood has three, adding a bath is likely to have a relatively high return.  People tend to lower the offering price by an amount greater than the actual cost of the remodel or addition.  So pay attention to surrounding homes and do some research on what might be the key remodel project to get your best return!!

SIDE NOTE:  I know funding the project is a task in itself but ask yourself, when trying to pick which of the many projects you want to do, if it’s not much more to do more than one project at once should I do it?

The reason I bring this up is we often start a remodeling project and part way through another project is added on.  If we had known sooner than later we could have coordinated to save you a ton of money!!!!  (example: when a plumber or electrician has to come twice for something they could have done in one visit)  I’m unsure about other contractors but we actually offer a better deal and lower cost if we do more than one project at once. Also don’t forget that you will be inconvenienced during your remodel and we can generally do 2 projects in the time it takes to do one, so you have 6 weeks of construction instead of 12 weeks and if you have ever been through a demolition project, its a bummer to go through it twice with all the dust and noise!!  (FYI These are turnaround times for the company I work for SpaceMakers Remodeling, we hear stories of 3 or more months on a project so make sure to ask!). For instance, most companies will take 3-months on a kitchen whereas, SpaceMakers takes 6-weeks…it’s how we efficiently work our crews and remodel close to our home base to be more productive and always keep our service and quality excellent rating.

SIDE SIDE NOTE haha : You don’t always have to do all the projects at once but you can set the stage for future projects when you have more funds. (example; when you plumb in pipes for a future wet bar when all the walls are already torn down.)  It may cost a little bit more than your initial project but will save a lot of the cost down the road!!!

So should you remodel or not?

Assess your needs and wants.

Investigate if it makes sense or not to do more than one project at one time to save you money.

Ask yourself how and if this remodeling project will enhance your life. (depending on how long you will stay in your home or if you will be selling soon)

Ask yourself what projects will increase the value of your home and bring you joy.

… and the list goes on.  I wanted to write this blog to make you think about what you want and need.



Have a great day!!!!!!

Rick Grindland - Owner
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