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Should you have the same flooring throughout the main level?

Should you have the same flooring throughout the main level?


We are often asked, when remodeling main level kitchens with adjoining floors…

“What is the best way to transition floors from room to room?”

“Is the new trend to keep all floors the same product?

“Should we go with LVT ( Luxury Vinyl Tile) Wood or Ceramic?”

Well, first of all ask yourself what you need. Do you have animals or small children?  LVT is a great durable product for bigger dogs.  It stands up to dog scratching nails that rake havoc on softer hardwood floors.

When it comes to hardwood or pre-engineered hardwood floors they are pretty durable as well (just look in older homes). Take into consideration the size of your animals haha (I have some friends with real big dogs! 🙂

Here are some things to ponder…

1. Consider your home’s layout. If you have an open floor plan using the same flooring though out will create clean, continuous appearance.

This is an important thing to think about if you are taking down walls and going for a more open look and feel to your home. It always appears larger when you can continue a floor throughout the home.

2.Take into consideration your home’s architectural style. Remember being true to a home’s innate style will pay off when it’s time to sell too!

note worthy fact… Hardwood is a win win when it comes to architectural style. It works in classic and contemporary style and as we all know it’s pretty timeless. It’s practical and homey and strong enough for kitchen duty. (keep climate in mind with hardwood…) but also, it is higher cost than LVT.

SIDE NOTE about wood floors… there is barely any difference in appearance between pre-finished solid and pre-finished engineered wood simply because the top wear layer of an engineered plank is made from the same material as a solid wood plank. There is a difference  in price though.

Ceramic wood look or other tile is an option too! (can be less expensive). Don’t forget the coldness of tile (unless you do in-floor heat which is great but brings cost up.) Another thing to remember is if a glass jar is dropped it could potentially crack the floor. Just an fyi.  Again, I am not hear to steer you away from any dream you have…just to inform! 🙂

Now back to LVT. I have described it in previous blogs if you want to go back and look to get the full run down on what it is, but LVT is awesome!!!  People often mistake LVT for a real hardwood floor…it looks that good! You are finding it more and more in very high end homes! Yes it’s come a looonggg way baby!!! When you are researching take note of the texture. It has been designed to mimic real hardwood so it comes in smooth or hand scraped.  Think about how it feels on your feet!  I prefer a slightly textured feel because it gives it even more of a real hardwood look (ha that’s my 2 cents right there). Like I said before hardwood is a great timeless look so if you can achieve that with LVT it is also a win win.

I would say LVT has become very popular and we now install it even more than hardwood.  Unless people have existing hardwood which we often add to preexisting hardwood to match it and refinish it all throughout the home in the same stain, so it appears to be all original floors.  Looks amazing  and another great option for cost saving and utilizing what you already have.

Another tidbit about LVT is it’s not only extremely durable but it’s waterproof.  It’s great for laundry rooms, kitchens, mudrooms…well pretty much any room in the house…(also costs less 🙂

Again the question of “Do we do the same type of floor throughout the main level?

Try to use as much of one material as possible in open areas.  Where there are cased openings, it is okay to switch materials, but if the openings are big, like 8′ across, the space will still read as one big open room.  It’s best not to transition if you can help it at all.

cased opening is “an interior doorway or opening with all the trim and molding installed without the door or closure”)

I hope this was helpful.

Here are some photos of LVT we’ve done in kitchens, baths, entire main level and basements.

961 Briar Glen Ln Woodbury MN-small-001-19-01-666x444-72dpi

961 Briar Glen Ln Woodbury MN-small-025-26-44-666x444-72dpi

2230 MN13 Mendota Heights MN-small-001-15-03-666x444-72dpi

2230 MN13 Mendota Heights MN-small-008-4-21-666x444-72dpi

1393 Clippership Alcove-small-047-46-015-666x444-72dpi

1393 Clippership Alcove-small-041-48-001-666x444-72dpi

Really look at your space and for what it’s worth I tend to lean more towards same flooring throughout if it works with your layout because of the open feel it gives off.  I believe that is where more people are leaning as they tear down walls but the beauty of it all is it’s up to you!!!



Have a great day!

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