Highlights of 2016

We found ourselves finishing up another spectacular year at SpaceMakers Remodeling and thought we would share some highlights!

We hope you rang in a wonderful New Year and we wish you a year full of love and health!

Here’s a few dreams we made come true in 2016… can’t wait to make yours come true in 2017!

1st Kitchens!!

782 Sunset Dr Eagan MN 55123-small-003-7-06-666x444-72dpi

782 Sunset Dr Eagan MN 55123-small-002-19-04-666x444-72dpi

782 Sunset Dr Eagan MN 55123-small-017-10-22-666x444-72dpi

8861 Sequoia Rd Woodbury MN-small-001-2-23-666x444-72dpi

8861 Sequoia Rd Woodbury MN-small-003-3-27-666x444-72dpi

8861 Sequoia Rd Woodbury MN-small-007-6-44-666x444-72dpi

3478 Nancy Pl Shoreview MN-small-001-2-60-666x444-72dpi



6840 Innsdale Ave S Cottage-small-017-10-28-666x444-72dpi

2974 Howard St N Maplewood MN-small-001-1-01-655x500-72dpi

Here’s a little showering of bathroom dreams that came true in 2016!

14606 97th St N Stillwater MN-small-001-18-01-666x444-72dpi

14606 97th St N Stillwater MN-small-019-24-08-421x500-72dpi

3849 Jamestown Curve Woodbury-small-017-17-03-666x444-72dpi

3849 Jamestown Curve Woodbury-small-019-19-14-334x500-72dpi


Well we can’t leave basements out… they might not be as sparkly as a kitchens but  they bring their own charm and functionality!!! Although, this first basement put in a full kitchen!

2230 MN13 Mendota Heights MN-small-001-15-03-666x444-72dpi

2230 MN13 Mendota Heights MN-small-008-4-21-666x444-72dpi

2230 MN13 Mendota Heights MN-small-007-14-17-666x444-72dpi





And last… porches. They not only add square footage to the value of your home…they also bring a lot of joy!!!

961 Briar Glen Ln Woodbury MN-small-032-33-01-666x444-72dpi


Heres to a new year full of joy and filled with remodeling your dreams!

tink tink!