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Thanks for a successful Remodelers Showcase!

Thanks for a successful Remodelers Showcase!


We want to thank all of you who came out to SpaceMakers’ Fall Remodelers Showcase #R13 whole house remodel. It was a so much fun to give you all the full tour!

We met so many wonderful people!

Having a whole house remodel was interesting to see your faces as we went room by room and gave you details. Some of you were just looking for ideas and others ready to jump into remodeling! Either way we always enjoy educating and helping you all however we can whether you are just browsing or ready to leap! There is nothing like watching peoples faces light up with ideas as we get farther into the tour!

We love asking you what was your favorite room and although its usually equaled out between the kitchen, porch and steam room, the steam room always brings the greatest curiosity and questions so we’ve decided to post photos below of the process involved in creating the 6-foot shower with ergonomically designed benches, recessed niches, custom tile Slate & Travertine and clear frame-less glass with door that swings in or out. Also the rain shower head and the separate hand-held spray and steam unit, can each come on individually or all at the same time with the 3-way diverter we’ve installed. Also, applied is a red guard moisture barrier you’ll see in the below photos.

My favorite part of the tour is when people come around the corner expecting a small bathroom and are in awe of what they see!!  Haha it’s like a steam room cave so to speak!

So here is the crazy process for you inquisitive folks with the complete 12-foot bath photo first followed by the 6-foot shower creation!!


2013-12-23 08.21.44

2014-01-23 06.39.45

2014-01-23 06.39.59

2014-01-29 02.12.06

2014-01-30 05.37.05

2014-01-30 05.37.44

2014-01-30 05.39.46

2014-01-30 05.40.02

2014-01-30 23.34.50

2014-01-30 23.34.56

2014-01-30 23.35.08

2014-01-30 23.36.00

2014-01-31 07.26.03

2014-02-12 01.55.01

2014-02-13 07.31.43

2014-02-14 09.35.35

2014-02-14 09.35.57

2014-02-14 20.34.21

2014-02-14 20.35.04

2014-02-14 20.37.50

Enhanced sealer applied below…2014-02-15 21.33.29

2014-02-18 08.10.45r

2014-02-18 08.11.36-1r

2014-02-23 05.01.36

So there you have it!  Crazy right!  Awww gotta love the process 🙂

Just a little reminder that kitchens and baths bring the biggest return on investment!

Again it was so nice to see all your smiling faces and can’t wait to meet with a few of you and hear how your projects turned out from the others we spoke with!!

Happy Remodeling to you all!!!

Have a great week and THANK YOU from all of us at SpaceMakers Remodeling!!


Rick Grindland - Owner
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