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Springing into Remodeling!

Springing into Remodeling!

imgres-1Springing into remodeling!

That is the theme of the day!

Maybe its widening the view from the kitchen window to your beautiful garden.

Or maybe it’s taking a wall down between the kitchen and living room that allows the green outside to come into view!

Don’t put it off any longer!!

Life’s too short, now is the time  to enjoy the flowers of spring!



We can’t begin to tell you how much our clients are wanting an open concept space to entertain family and friends. So many folks  are saying they have been looking to move for more space and their growing families, only to find out that they love where they live!  They love the village of neighbors who all look out for each other’s children.  They are frustrated with the market of buying another home and what you get for the money, knowing they will only have to put more money into the new home to remodel it. Bringing the cost up again.

We are seeing happy faces when people are finally turning their home into what they wanted.  Creating big islands to encompass their children and the friends they bring home 🙂  I know you worry about the cost but since we have been doing this for so long we can get real creative on how to keep up the quality of cabinetry while keeping the cost down. Continually increasing our standards without increasing our price. We also break things down as options so you have the choice to see where you would like to spend or not spend your money. We take great pride in what we do here and how we care about the people we work with…many have become long life friends.

I would suggest to you, whoever you choose for your remodeling needs, make sure they give you the facts upfront.  We are very honest with people and if we have used a product in the past that had problems we will not use it again and will be honest with you to steer you away from it. It’s not always what people want to hear sometimes but they are always so grateful with our honesty! Remember to ask those questions when you are searching.

Wow I guess I digress…hahaha .

Back to SPRING!!!

Start visualizing your view of spring, of what you see or are blocked from seeing through old windows or walls that need to be removed.  Make your drawing and dare to dream about that big kitchen!!


We would so love to help you make it happen!

Have a great day and Happy Spring!!!imgres-2


Having an open concept space is important to our clients who love to entertain their family and friends.

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