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Thoughts on Counter tops

Thoughts on Counter tops


Well folks I know you have heard me talk about Cambria Counter tops before. Here at SpaceMakers Remodeling we love Cambria. We love how they stand behind their product and their customer service is phenomenal.

We recently went on a tour at a small counter top plant in Hastings MN called Innovative Services.  Although I love everything about the low to NO maintenance Quartz Cambria, I have to say I was very impressed with some other products as well for different reasons. We had an amazing woman who gave us a tour of the main shop as well as a behind the scenes look at how counter tops are made.  All I can say is WOW!

yes WOW!!!!  (crazy awesome tour if you ever have a chance to do it!!)

My blog today is just an observation on how to please our customers better.  Without going into grave detail about all the products,  I just want to remind all of you out there searching for your perfect countertop to keep your minds open.  You already know I really recommend Cambria Quartz countertops for strength, durability and no maintenance but what I am learning from you, the customers, and from our tour guide as well is you need to ask yourself what you want out of your countertop!

Here are a few questions I’m just gonna’ put out there for you to ask yourself.  

Based off complaints, well not actually complaints but inquiries some people have had.

You know those goofy questions you have but don’t know if they are worthy of asking haha

Yeah those!

1. I want a countertop that has no maintenance does it exist?

2. I love Cambria but is there a product that isn’t so cold to the touch?

3. If I can’t afford the highest quality of countertop what are my options? Will I still like them in the end?

You get the idea.  When we had our tour we saw many different product surfaces and heard about the good and maybe not so good qualities of each.  From soapstone to granite to quartz or even recycled glass…there are many options to choose from. We are lucky because we are a full design build at SpaceMakers and are blessed with a designer that knows about, and has pretty much worked with the products available in the industry right now.  It was funny because some of the knowledge was new for me but she was helping educate the rest of us at every turn!!

Side note: remember if you can find a full design build Remodeler to go with, it is well worth what they have to offer in product knowledge alone! We’ve heard plenty of nightmare stories when people made decisions on their own.

So without going into every type of counter top out there I just want to be a little bird on your shoulder that says HMMM let’s check all the options and let me ask myself what is it that I really want out of my counter top…a certain design look, functionality, low maintenance, earth friendly, etc?

Well short blog today but I really just wanted you to know in brief what I learned at a great local mini fabricating plant!

I Love sharing knowledge with you as I learn more myself! There will be more info coming at you soon as it’s hard to keep this cool stuff to myself. 🙂

Have a great Day and happy dreaming to you all!!






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