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It’s time to make your newly purchased house a home!!!

This blog is for all of you out there who recently bought a home that needs a little love and attention 🙂

What improvements are you gonna make to turn this used home into your brand new home??!!

Here are a few simple things to think about as you begin your remodel EXPERIENCE.


Making doorways too small:

If you are tearing down walls and replacing doorways at all, keep in mind that more and more remodels are making doors wider for a couple reasons.

#1 To make it handicap accessible for future use. More and more people are choosing to live longer in their homes and they’re thinking ahead for the future while they are in the remodeling stage anyway.  It seems trivial right now but will save a lot of money in the future and it’s great for resale!

#2 People are wanting a more open layout in the home. Opening up doorways is another great way to get that spacious feeling.

Here is an example…Before & After entrance expansion by pushing closet wall back and opening up entrance & claustrophobic hallway.  Sometimes you don’t need to take down a whole wall to make a difference! 🙂

This the same home taking down a wall for making an entrance into their kitchen.
Going too trendy:

Keep in mind for future resale that if you go too crazy with your choices it might be harder to sell down the line.  You don’t have to go so neutral it’s boring but just think twice before going with the trends.

Don’t ignore lighting needs:

Some people are intimidated by the cost of new lights but don’t forget the need for light. Investing in fixtures that serve as a focal point as well as enhancing your design & visibility is a win win. No need to go crazy but try to think how one light can effect the whole space better. Also a word of the wise… don’t waver over adding one more recess can light in the ceiling.  I promise you will NOT regret it!  ( I say this from experience with clients wishing they had added the light 🙂

Since I love visuals here is a recent home we did as an example of lighting…

 Large pendant lights above island with several bulbs each and ceiling 6″ recess can lights on dimmers. They have a larger island so the lighting was very important to them but they still wanted to be able to dim lights to set the mood! 🙂

6546 Sherman Lake Rd Lino-small-001-7-002-666x444-72dpi

Don’t forget some chaos will occur:

Remember this fact for your own sanity… No project ever goes perfectly smooth.  Step back and take a deep breath when things aren’t going absolutely perfect.  Some chaos will happen but usually it is easily fixable and was probably unavoidable to begin with.

If you choose a contractor who is attentive they will make everything right.  Don’t forget sometimes those snafoos actually end up in your favor and you end up getting a better product at no extra charge, or even a better result so don’t sweat the small stuff!!

(not bragging but our contractor is the bomb!! He makes me proud to work for SpaceMakers because he has always taken care of his clients… to his fault sometimes haha love him! 🙂

Think where to put electrical plugs:

Add your extra outlets while everything is already under construction!!  It’s really not that much added cost to put a few extra outlets in to begin with and you’ll never be sorry for the convenience of having them!  Really stop and think, walk around your space and figure out where to put outlets.  We had a customer who liked sitting at her bathroom vanity to get ready and hated the chord being in the way. We designed the outlet on the front of the vanity and she loved it!! (see photo below) It’s ok to get creative, remember what I always say… IT’S A REMODEL not a new contruction home so you can do whatever you want!  WOOT WOOT!!!

More visuals!

3849 Jamestown Curve Woodbury-small-017-17-03-666x444-72dpi

3849 Jamestown Curve Woodbury-small-025-22-24-666x444-72dpi

Stick with the style of home:

Specifically with older homes with ornate wood character, be careful not to go too far away from architectural style.

Don’t fight it, hire a dependable contractor who will take care of you throughout the whole job:

This is so important.  Do your homework!!

Ask for Referrals. Word of mouth-hands down, is the best way to find a qualified professional to tackle the job.

Look at Credentials.

Check References.

Angie’s List is a good resource and is now free!

Interview candidates. A good contractor will be there through every aspect of the job.

When interviewing make  sure you meet the actual person you will be dealing with the most.

Stay within budget but be willing to listen to contractor when something will help you in the long run.

Make sure they are using quality products:

If you pick the right contractor you won’t have a worry 🙂

Picking products meant to last are worth the extra cash!!!!!!    ALWAYS!!!!!

Hope this was helpful!!!

Have a GREAT DAY!!!


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