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What is a Niche?

What is a Niche?

What the Heck is a Niche? 🙂

Well we are always looking to improve on your shower needs and a niche is the perfect way.  We can all look up the definition of niche but in the remodeling world it’s basically a really beautiful way to make space in a shower or tub/shower wall to store your hair and body products.

Pretty cool huh?! That’s what SpaceMakers Remodeling is all about. How to creatively make space and in the case of niches we make use of the 3-1/2″ wall space.

Lets talk Niches!

We love working with our clients to customize niches to their own needs when remodeling their showers! Here are photo examples from our many projects to give you an idea on how to create your own Niche!

Here’s the most popular size of 14″x18″ which can be constructed vertically or horizontally.

786 Camberwell Dr Eagan MN-small-009-5-Cambarwell-334x500-72dpi

2015-04-21 22.21.41 (2)














We are often asked “what size should the niche be?”   Well any size you want! and whatever works in your space! In some cases the niche goes on the shower head wall unless it’s an exterior wall, then it goes on the opposite wall or more commonly at about elbow height on the side wall.

14606 97th St N Stillwater MN-small-004-4-05-334x500-72dpi

Here is an example of  a long horizontal natural stone Niche!  We all know how kids love their hair products right! haha can’t lie…we so called adults do as well 🙂 ! These clients chose to match the ceiling, floor and inside Niche with natural stone for a dramatic contrast to the tile walls. If you can dream it up…we can do it!!

Edinburgh-666x444-72dpi h

Here is another example which is a smaller width and a double Niche. “What?” you say! :)Yep!  Cool huh!

Now this family had a smaller space to work with than the previous one and loved the idea of the double Niche behind the main shower head or shall I say right in front of them!

They also chose to extend the border (which matches the inside of the niche) around the shower for some extra pizazz!!!  You may also notice that the floor matches the back of the niche which creates some great contrast! Ahh so many ideas to build off of for your own Niche!


Here’s another one where the border runs through the niche to create an extra shelf but each niche is the same size.

Bath 14

Do people ever do a triple niche??? Why YES!! Glad you asked and here’s an example! Notice this customer preferred a smaller pattern in the niche and yet a different border over the staggered big tiles..note to self anything goes! Have fun with your Niche!

2013-07-22 15.18.26

Another example of a single Niche with a lighter brighter look to it.  Niche and floor are matching marble stone with a different border and yet different large tile on the walls. All working to make a clean beautiful classy look.


If you like a more traditional picture frame look…we can do that too…as in this 2-inch frame style for this steam shower.


And how ’bout one more for good measure! Here we go!

Actually, it’s such a great idea we’ll show you two of these niches where we went an inch beyond the inner wall space for those extra large shampoo bottles.



Alright beautiful people this is my blog for the day!  So go forth and build your own Niche so speak in life as well as in your newly remodeled Shower!!!   Have a great DAY!!!

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