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What’s your Pot of Gold?

What's your Pot of Gold?



I was sitting in the basement of my brother and sister’s house tonight and they were all excited to show me their latest project! I was talking about the Remodelers Showcase coming up next weekend and they wanted to show off their new lights over the bar in the basement. And I felt the need to share these new lights with y’all!



We at SpaceMakers are always recommending recess can lights ( I will show you a visual)  because the lighting makes such a difference!  If you’re not familiar with them they are lights that are flush and recessed in the ceiling.

(In the picture below you are able to see the recessed can lights in the ceiling)


Why am I telling you this you ask??? Well they are a great light source in the home and are usually on dimmers so you can set the mood.  But did you also know they are versatile? Yep, my family found these hanging pendant lights that you can easily retrofit into a can light. They are sooo cool! It’s as simple as removing the bulb and screwing it into the base and hanging a pendant light in its place.  This small change made a huge impact in their bar aka “gathering space”.

So what will change your space?  This happened to be their pot of gold for today but what is yours?? (truth be told I know they really want to redo their basement bathroom haha don’t worry I’m working on them). My point is your dream can be whatever you want it to be. Whether that means a kitchen upgrade, a new porch or a facelift to an existing space…you get to decide.  If you want to find some new ideas to add to your dream you may want to book some time in your calendar for the weekend of March 23-25 at the Remodelers Showcase.




So I hope you enjoy a fun St. Patty’s day weekend and start thinking about what you would want for your pot of gold!!!!! We may have some ideas at the end of the rainbow.  Look forward to seeing you there!  (or at the Remodelers showcase!!)






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