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Why Winter months are a great time to start this year’s remodeling projects!

Why Winter months are a great time to start this year's remodeling projects!


Well in honor of this beautiful snowy day today let’s talk about the winter months and why this is the PERFECT time to start a remodeling project that you want completed in 2018!!!

If you’re interested in a remodeling project this year, now is the time to jump on it.

My blog today is just a reminder about the home remodeling months to come.  Remodelers start filling up slots quickly, if they haven’t already, which sets the stage for the new year.   

The Parade of Homes Remodeler’s Showcase in the Spring makes it even busier and harder to find a remodeler who is available for a spring and summer job to be finished this year.  So my advice for you is to use these cold winter days to do your research and get quotes NOW!!!

It doesn’t cost a thing to start finding the perfect fit for your project today.  There are many ways to research and check credentials but I would like to remind you that Angie’s List is a good one to check reviews.  A lot of people don’t know that Angie’s List is now FREE!!

Yep it’s free!!   WOOT WOOT !!!

You can check testimonials,  job sizes and how they compare to your project. 

Also, don’t ever forget word of mouth. Talk to friends and family and see who they used and recommend.  There is no better way to feel confident with who you pick than that!  Theses days we are trapped inside is a good time to have remodelers out to your home and give you bids. You’re stuck inside anyway, so why not.. right! 

What I have found in my research is that Contractors are slower in the winter months. The time is now when their availability to get your project underway sooner is feasible.   

1. They schedule less to make up for their busy times during the warmer seasons.

2. They schedule vacations and take off time to be with family during the holidays.

3. They often have more time to spend on the “RIGHT” job that comes their way.  (this could be you!)

4. They have more time to think and plan and turn their attention to whatever job is at hand. (always a plus as well!)

5. Don’t put off your kitchen renovation for another year. Even a minor kitchen remodel will increase the value of your home. Remodeling magazine says minor improvements could earn you back up to 83 percent of what you spend on them if you decide to sell your house. A full-blown renovation will reap 65 percent.

6. Look around your house for indoor projects—even small ones—that you can get done now, before warm-weather customers infiltrate the area’s best design/build remodelers with their outdoor jobs. Need rooms painted, floors refinished, appliances replaced? Do it now.

Which means winter is the perfect time to get your home improvement project going!!!

If you were looking for that little voice or boost… here it is.  Use these stuck inside days to give yourself a head start  into a new kitchen, porch, master bath or even to just get your home ready to sell when the snow finally melts!! SpaceMakers tends to do more basement remodels during the winter time as people tend to live more in their main and upper levels. If you’ve been wanting to finish your lower level, now is the perfect time.

Hope this was helpful!!

Don’t forget to take time to play in the snow also!!


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